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Ata Gold (New Dated)

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19,502.42 TL
CC One Shot Price
20,105.59 TL
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  • Carat: 22

    Purity: 916 per thousand

    Net Weight: 7,216 gram



    The production authority of Ata Gold, which is unfortunately widely printed in the market illegally, is only in the Department of Mint of the Republic of Turkey. ONSA carefully packages the Ata Golds produced by the Department of Mint in an environment with cameras and sends them to your address in an insured manner.

     There is no difference between old-dated and new-dated Ata Gold, except for the number written on it and indicating the year of produce, in terms of weight, purity, measure, etc. Every year, after 29 October, new dated Ata Golds are started to be produced by the Department of Mint. On the Ata Gold, there is the number 1923, which is the founding date of the Republic of Turkey, and a line is drawn below it and a number indicating the anniversary of the Republic of Turkey that the Ata Gold was produced. 1 is written on the Ata Gold produced after October 29, 1924 until October 29, 1925 and it continues to increase every year. (29 October 2022 is the 99th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, so 99 written on the Ata Gold produced from October 29, 2022 to October 29, 2023)

     Refund-Cancellation: According to the law, refunds and cancellations are not possible for gold and silver purchases. In order to avoid to be aggrieved, we strongly advise the dear customers to check the prices of the products carefully before making purchases.

     Replacement: ONSA, which has adopted the principle of providing the highest quality product to our dear customers, replaces the product with a new one in case the product reaches the customer's hand with a defect due to a manufacturing defect or during the shipping process. For replacement, the packaging of the product must be unopened and the weight of the product must be returned to ONSA in full.

     Shipping: Orders placed until 15.00 on weekdays are delivered to the cargo on the same day. ONSA is responsible until the products are delivered to our dear customers. When receiving the package, check the package carefully with the courier to make sure that the package has not been opened.

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